Cyanotype art by Sarah Nicole Dart [courtesy the artist]

The Harvest

Art show by Sarah Nicole Dart at Receiver Coffee

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The Harvest: Cyan-o-Synthesis by Sarah Nicole Dart will be on view at Receiver Coffee on Victoria Row in Charlottetown beginning January 17.

The Harvest: Cyan-o-Synthesis is a mini nature study to help me personally become more integrated into life on the East coast,” shares Dart. “It’s a harvest of plants, seaweed, and flowers foraged from explorations along the beaches, trails and parks. They have been monogrammed inside the main exposure which is a manipulated collage of photographs called Animal Bouquets. The two photographic printing methods are used in combination through a double exposure process. Each creature in the Animal Bouquet has a personal story that connects my old home out West with my new one here on PEI.”

Sarah Nicole Dart is a self taught cyanotype artist, designer and flower collector from Vancouver Island, BC, who moved to Charlottetown in January 2022. Using Photoshopped acetate transparencies as well as locally foraged flowers, weeds, seaweed and feathers, the artist uses alternative photography methods to print using the sun’s energy; often experimenting with household products like coffee, tea, vinegar, wine, paprika and baking soda to encourage “happy mistakes.”

Presented by this town is small, the show will be on view until March 21.