The Girl from 108

By Lorraine Clements

Pownal Street Press is hosting a book launch on July 11 from 7–8:30 pm at Beaconsfield Carriage House to celebrate the recent release of The Girl from 108, a memoir by Lorraine Clements. All are welcome.

The Girl from 108 is an account of the world the author grew up in at 108 King Street in Charlottetown, where her parents operated a Boarding House. It served as a home for an eclectic group of visitors who came to serve the area: builders, plumbers and countrymen, and who became her family as she was raised.

Lorraine shares the stories of the day, from the details of her grandfather, Pop, in a top hat at the corner of Richmond and Queen Streets, smoking his pipe with his friends and discussing politics, to her awe of the women of the day—remembering their hairstyles, their lipstick, and the elegant swoosh of a visiting nurse’s cape. She recalls with fondness the “Kids from King Street,” a group who grew up in the city’s homes, parks, establishments and stores. With a strong Catholic background, the Boarding House had strong morals, and Lorraine’s mother was sure to keep it that way.

Lorraine was always a strong proponent of education but was forced to leave early to care for her young family. She has always enjoyed writing, and was inspired at the age of 65 to return to UPEI, graduating with her Bachelor of Arts at age 70. Lorraine married her soulmate, Fred, and lives in North Rustico, PEI.