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Black media outlet launches with digital magazine

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On February 1, The Black Collective Media (BCM) had a soft-launch of their digital media startup collective by releasing The Block, PEI’s first Black digital magazine.

PEI’s new media startup aims to fill a gap in the market for BIPOC focused media representation in Canada’s smallest province.

“The Black Collective Media’s goal is to uplift local BIPOC voices while drawing inspiration from the depths of the diaspora,” says co-founder Bianca García. The company’s website provides valuable, engaging digital content driven from the BIPOC lens.

“When you own the platform, you control the narrative. We aim to do just that,” says co-founder Tara Reeves

The Collective’s mission is to create cultural, lifestyle, art and entertainment content pertaining to the BIPOC community, to facilitate community, growth, understanding and opportunity.

The Block magazine was developed and created by the founders of BCM. They were able to draw on their professional backgrounds in journalism, digital marketing, business, finance, entertainment, hospitality and wellness to bring a fresh perspective to market in the digital space. BCM chose to pay homage to Black excellence within their community in PEI during Black History Month, with the launch of their 90-page first issue.

“The Black Collective Media presents an opportunity to represent the Black community in the media, as well as the Indigenous community and other People of Colour, to uplift our voices and tell our stories without bias and prejudice,” says García.

BCM is developing Black-led digital media channels to focus the narrative on Black e’rything by providing valuable and engaging digital content that informs and uplifts.

“There is a strong narrative that has come out of the Black experience, and for us Black people, storytelling is our roots and wings. Stories have played a significant role in constituting meaning and constructing identities. I hope you enjoy The Block because we are here, and we matter.” says co-founder Daniel Ohaegbu.

Established in 2020, The Black Collective Media launched their digital media outlet with the intent to disrupt a closed market in the local, online media space. Founded in PEI by Bianca García, Tara Reeves and Daniel Ohaegbu. This Collective is the first in Canada’s smallest province, to bring a Black digital magazine to market. First week public engagement saw 229 website sign-ups and 795 engagements on The Block magazine, which is available on The Black Collective Media website at

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