The Bayfield Sessions

Atlantic String Machine

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The members of the Atlantic String Machine will celebrate the release of their second album, The Bayfield Sessions, with a concert at The Mack Theatre in Charlottetown on October 10 at 8:30 pm. Doors will open at 8 pm.

Recorded during the week of the 2019 East Coast Music Awards, this new album from PEI’s award-winning, genre-jumping string quintet is a collaboration with several singer-songwriters from across the Maritimes. Tackled in the midst of performing and promoting at the ECMAs, the recording project was energized by the buzz of the conference. Fueled by the scene, the entire experience celebrated East Coast music. The group spent their days hobnobbing with the music industry world, then laid down tracks late at night. The sessions, say group members, captured the essence of the East Coast music scene; not just the sound, but also the incredible community with its generosity of spirit and willingness to jump in and collaborate. And the project was all hands on deck. Combining their existing skills with some things learned on the fly, they worked together. From setting up the recording space in the basement of their violist’s rented house on Bayfield Street, to arranging charts, engineering sessions, editing tracks, and designing the album artwork, the process was collaborative. And the creative license was exciting according to ASM since  string players are often invited into recording projects late in the game.

For this album, the String Machine created their own vision from the ground up and invited others to participate in the journey. Five guest singer-songwriters are featured on the album: Alicia Toner, Matthew Byrne, Ian Sherwood, Catherine MacLellan and Nathan Wiley. Each one brought an original song to the String Machine to be arranged for their unique instrumentation of two violins, viola, cello and bass. Everyone, including vocalists, was tracked live off the floor. And the final product was kept true to the process, nothing added and nothing taken away.

Also included on the album are three instrumental tunes: Enter Sandman, Space Oddity, and Sound and Color. Atlantic String Machine is Sean Kemp, Karen Graves, Jeffrey Bazett-Jones, Natalie Williams Calhoun, and Adam Hill.

Tickets will include a copy of the The Bayfield Sessions. You can book in advance by calling the Confederation Centre of the Arts box office on 1-800-565-0278 or by going to Tickets can also be purchased at the door.