The 27 Club

A new, unique docu-concert at Harmony House

27 Club [photo by Buffie Boily]
27 Club [photo by Buffie Boily]

The 27 Club, another unique docu-concert created by Mike Ross (Inside American Pie), opens on July 7 at Harmony House in Hunter River. Shows run at 8 pm on Friday and Saturday evenings until September 16.

The 27 Club investigates one of the strangest mysteries in all of rock and roll… why did so many iconic artists of the 20th century die at aged 27? Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain and many more. Is it fame? Money? The Saturn Return? 

A multi-talented group of Island artists celebrate the music of these gone-too-soon icons and try to get to the bottom of one of rock and roll’s enduring mysteries. Joining Ross on stage are Keziah Collie, Kirk White, Brielle Ansems, Carlie Howell and Max Keenlyside. 

Harmony House has become known for its world class live music concerts and top notch food in their licensed downstairs lounge. Their unique brand of presentation has been embraced by audiences from near and far. Intimate and epic at the same time, its mix of information and soulful interpretation has been thrilling audiences round every turn. 

Shows sell out quickly. Visit for all the details about upcoming performances, dinner in the Harmony House lounge, tickets, artists and more.

 Harmony House is located in Hunter River, 20 minutes outside of Charlottetown.