That’s My Friend

By Sara Campbell & illustrated by Julia Mulholland

That’s My Friend is a heartwarming children’s book by first-time author Sara Campbell and first-time illustrator Julia Mulholland.

 The story follows Lilly, a compassionate girl who learns the importance of self-love and kindness with her animal friends. After a tough day at school, Lilly helps her friends replace negative self-talk with positivity, teaching them about self-acceptance. In return, they show Lilly the power of her own words. With endearing watercolor illustrations, charming characters and an empowering message, That’s My Friend inspires young readers to embrace their uniqueness, spread positivity and cultivate a mindset of compassion and self love.

“The inspiration for this story came from listening to many of those close to me,” says Campbell. “So often I would hear them saying and doing things to cheer up others, but then saying unkind things about themselves. I want children to see that it’s important to be kind to others, but to also learn to be kind to themselves, just like they would to a friend.”

Campbell was born and raised on Palmer Road near Tignish, PEI. She dreamed of being an author since she first started writing stories in elementary school, and this year, after turning 40, Campbell decided to make her dream come true. Mulholland, of New London, PEI, agreed to do the artwork. This is her first time illustrating a published book. 

That’s My Friend will be available June 1 at Coles Summerside, the Stompin’ Tom Centre in Skinners Pond, online at Amazon, and directly from the author.