Frances Squire with Birchwood Intermediate School students

Teaching excellence

Frances Anne Squire receives Prime Minister’s Award

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Frances Ann Squire, a teacher at Birchwood Intermediate School has received a Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence. The awards honour teachers for their leadership, exemplary teaching practices, and their commitment to help the next generation succeed in a world inspired by ideas and driven by innovation.

Frances Ann Squire is an advocate for literacy and a proponent for digital literacy. She has published articles, sat on committees to promote the increased use of technology in schools and facilitated an after-school video game development club. She uses digital platforms to help students learn to use technology responsibly and make learning engaging.

She and her students participated in the Summits of Canada program and virtually climbed the highest peaks of Canada’s mountains with an expedition while speaking with the team in real time.

She developed and supervised the Birchwood Maker and MinecraftEdu Club which 50 students attended regularly at lunch and after school. She volunteered and supervised students at the International Cyberbullying Summit.

Frances had her class research the history of art with each student focusing on a particular artist and period of history. Students produced a piece of work in the style of the artist and their project was exhibited at the Confederation Centre of the Arts.

She has directed and facilitated a number of dramatic productions, and hosts the annual Birchwood Poetry Café where her students share their poetry with the public at events in local cafes and online.

Frances has coordinated a free after-school writing program which matches students with pre-service teachers in the BEd program at UPEI. She encourages and supports her students to participate in the Annual Literary Awards.

Each year Frances asks her students to select and research an area of need or a non-profit organization that may benefit from their service. Students create commercials, organize fundraising events, volunteer their time and share their experiences with their fellow students.

She helped her students create an award-winning video for the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.