Our little school

In September we celebrated the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Cove School—the 203rd anniversary, to be exact. How many institutions have existed on Prince Edward Island since 1820?…

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It’s all ours

Vacationers reluctantly leave the Cove to face the realities of life elsewhere, perhaps in another province or another country, or just in Charlottetown. Farewell! Meanwhile, the Cove belongs to us. …

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One day at a time

The tide clock indicates low tide so we think we’ll walk across the Cove. But morning low tides aren’t particularly low, and by the time we get to the shore…

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There will be a certain amount of hoopla going on this summer. 2023 is Prince Edward Island’s sesquicentennial (150th) anniversary of marriage to the Dominion of Canada, and since 150…

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End of winter

Curling by JoDee Samuelson

The woodpile is getting down. Last week we had the chimney cleaned. How lovely to pay someone to do this important task. In the past we cleaned it ourselves, but…

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Aiming for Normal

Frozen Cove by JoDee Samuelson

Things are returning to normal in the Cove. There are plenty of fallen trees and roofs sporting blue tarps, but Hurricane Fiona is becoming a legend rather than a reality. …

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Redpolls by Mari Basiletti

It was one of those hushed grey mornings with nature in a state of reverie. Down at the Cove the sea was gently breathing, its vast surface softly rising and…

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