Painting joy

Sita MacMillan is a maker of many things and all the things she makes tell a story. Our conversation together was a beautiful weaving of memoir and poetry as she…

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Rooted in music

After my chat with Craig Fair, it became clear that this multi-talented human could not be described merely by his technical and artistic abilities, of which there are many. The…

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Life on stage

Benton Hartley wears many jackets in the theatre world: he is an actor, playwright, director, producer, dramaturge, and comedian. “I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t involved with theatre…

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Life is a highlight

A natural storyteller, Donald Andrus has lived and breathed art for decades. We sat together with hot beverages on a chilly winter day, and I felt like I was sitting…

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Making connections

When we met to chat, Stephanie Arnold had just returned from a decolonizing conference in Toronto where they had the opportunity to learn from scholars across many disciplines. “It was…

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Mindfully artistic

Eberechi Okwuwolu has lived in PEI since 2014 and he has been on an incredible journey in the nine years since. A self-proclaimed soccer bro turned life bro, Eberechi is…

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Planting love

Millefiore Clarkes [photo: Buzz]

Millefiore (Mille) Clarkes is a documentarian who is drawn to love, nature, and the interconnectedness of all beings. Within the first few moments of our conversation, she said: “I have…

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The spirit of art

Norah Pendergast [photo: Buzz]

Norah Pendergast grew up in rural PEI and comes from a family of critical thinkers and creative people. Though art was not seen as a viable career path, that didn’t…

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Wild growth

Kate MacQuarrie [photo: Buzz]

Kate MacQuarrie was born and raised in and around Charlottetown and continues to live on the Island. She started her undergraduate degree in physics but quickly switched to biology to…

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Comically inclined

Shawn Hogan (photo: Buzz)

Shawn Hogan was born and raised on PEI, and he spent time living in Calgary and Toronto before moving back to the Island at the start of the pandemic. Among…

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