Swinging Between Water and Stone—Steven Mayoff

Swinging Between Water and Stone

Steven Mayoff

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Swinging Between Water and Stone (Guernica Editions), by Steven Mayoff, is a collection of poems comprising four sections. Each section roughly represents the four stages of the never-ending reincarnation cycle: birth, life, death and rebirth. These themes recur in each section, propelling these poems the way smaller wheels turn within larger wheels. Settings, both urban and rural, imaginary and real, domestic nd distant, terrestrial and astral create a kind of existential road trip where the reader as traveller comes across signposts that lead to both the familiar and the inexplicable.

Steven Mayoff was born in Montreal and now resides in PEI. His fiction and poetry have appeared in literary journals across Canada, the U.S. and abroad. His publications are the story collection Fatted Calf Blues (Turnstone Press, 2009), for which he won a 2010 PEI Book Award, the novel Our Lady of Steerage (B&B, 2015) and the poetry chapbook Leonard’s Flat (Grey Borders Books, 2018).