Subtle Motions by Nikkie Gallant

Subtle Motions

Nikkie Gallant

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PEI songwriter Nikkie Gallant released her new album Subtle Motions on January 28.

The album plays on the theme of solitude versus connection. “You can be by yourself, while still experiencing deep connection, or you can be right next to someone and still feel like you’re all alone,” Gallant said. “The inspiration for Subtle Motions began while I was visiting Victoria, BC. I realized I’d been disconnected from myself: from knowing what I want, and how I really feel. I wrote the first song [Sky, Sea & Ground] out there, and challenged myself to spend more time in my own head.”

Upon returning home to PEI, Gallant kept to her challenge, writing a staggering number of songs, before enlisting Nathan Wiley (producer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist). They narrowed the focus to a five song EP. Subtle Motions then grew to include an additional song written by Wiley, and another by Alyson MacLeod, written for Halifax band, Jale.

Subtle Motions, dives into the complexities of relationships and life. With support from Wiley, the album explores a more adventurous sound than her previous recordings. The songs take listeners on a journey—beginning with the firm resolution at the ending of an unhealthy situation, followed by the unfolding of new feelings, before moving on to the crushing twins of heartache and grief.