C.J. Rey

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Strength is a science-fiction novel recently self-published by PEI author C.J. Rey.

The book is about a sixteen-year-old boy named Corey Davis who loses his father in a freak accident. This death causes Corey to become isolated and bullied at school and forces him to watch as his mother works herself to death trying to provide for the two of them. Another freak accident changes everything once again, but this time, his life takes a very weird turn. Corey gains abilities—taken right out of a comic book—and gets the chance to save lives and prevent disaster. But the pain from his past haunts him and he continues to lose. This turns out to be exactly what he needs.

C.J. Rey spent nearly five years working on this book before releasing it in late 2018. Started as a fun project, the book turned into something else when tragedy struck and gave C.J. something in common with the main character. In 2018, C.J.’s father unexpectedly passed away. His father, Gerard, was a great man who left his family so many wonderful memories, but the most important thing that he left behind was one final lesson, says C.J. “That lesson was to never take your loved ones for granted. Tell them each and every day just how much you care about them. Because, you may find out the hard way that you have truly no idea how much time you have left with them,” says C.J.

To purchase a copy of Strength, find it at Indigo or Bookmark or online at (search Strength by C.J. Rey). For information, contact the author on Facebook @C.J. Rey or on Instagram @c.j.rey_.