Brielle Ansems–Still Awake

Still Awake

Brielle Ansems

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PEI alternative pop-folk artist Brielle Ansems shares her experiences with chronic depression and anxiety in her sophomore album, Still Awake. The album dropped on digital download and streaming platforms in January 2022.

The anticipated FACTOR-funded project is an exploration of the nuances of mental health, trauma, and its influence on young adulthood.

“I sifted through a lot of broken pieces for this record. Some were still sharp and hurt to revisit. Others were soft and faded, like sea glass. All of them needed to be held to the light in order to find the beauty in them,” shares Ansems.

Still Awake was recorded at The Hill Sound Studio in Charlottetown with engineer/mixer/producer Adam Gallant. Also featured are Brielle’s brother and guitarist Dylan Ansems, bassist Evan McCosham, drummer Kirk White, violinist Jasmine Michel, and organist Ben Aitken. The record was mastered by Elisa Pansaeng of CPS Mastering.

“It’s my greatest hope that this album helps others find the beauty in their brokenness,” says Ansems. “Not to dwell on or romanticise their pain, but rather to honour it. To recognize it in the people around them and maybe have a little more compassion for others and for themselves.”

Ansems’ indie pop-folk sound is a lyric-centred and emotionally charged experience. Her debut 2020 album, This New Hurricane, earned her five 2021 Music PEI Award nominations, taking home Pop Recording of the Year.