Steel Magnolias

Southern warmth and compassion at Watermark Theatre

Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling continues at Watermark Theatre in North Rustico this month will run until August 26.

A group of Louisiana women bond and gossip at a local beauty shop while following the marriage and motherhood of one of the customer’s daughters. As the title implies, these ladies can be as delicate as magnolias—and as tough as steel. When tragedy strikes, they draw on their underlying strength and love.

Directed by Samantha Wilson, the Watermark production of Steel Magnolias stars Gracie Finley, Marlene Handrahan, Sharleen Kalayil, Kristena McCormack, Risha Nanda and Marlane O’Brien.

“I feel I know these women so well,” says Gracie Finley. “In the 80’s I used to visit my father and his wife in Louisiana, and Denise was a real southern lady, a steel magnolia in every sense of the word. Twice a week I accompanied her to her hairdressers, a haven for Denise and her friends, and I remember the laughter, the friendship [and] the wonderful conversations. These were smart, savvy women, comfortable and confident in their own skin and full of that southern warmth and compassion for each other. I look forward to bringing those very real women into my portrayal of Clairee.”

Steel Magnolias is a play that continues to speak to audiences all over the world about hope, love, loss, and friendship.