Starfish of David

Steven Mayoff

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Satirical magic-realism abounds on modern-day PEI in author Steven Mayoff’s new ebook Starfish of David.

Samson Grief, a reclusive painter living in Mount Russet, is struggling with a creative block. While working on a painting of North Cape he discovers a six-armed starfish, or as he calls it, Starfish of David, on the work in progress. The problem is he has no memory of painting it. Soon Samson is confronted by three redheaded strangers who identify themselves as Judas, Shylock and Fagin, figments of his imagination and messengers sent by a genderless deity known as the Supreme One.

Having decreed the Middle East to be a hopeless mess, the Supreme One wants PEI to be the new Promised Land and tasks Samson with building the Island’s first synagogue to get the cosmic wheels rolling. Scared, confused and seriously doubting his sanity, Samson eventually, though grudgingly, accepts the challenge. And so begins an unfolding of political intrigue as well as other obstacles that Samson discovers along the way.

Starfish of David is Mayoff’s third ebook. It is currently available for preorder at Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Amazon until its April 24 release. Subscribe to the Steven Mayoff Indie Writer Newsletter at to download the full ebook now from the distributor Smashwords.