SSWA BioBlitz results are in

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The South Shore Watershed Association (SSWA) staff partnered with Cornwall and Area Watershed Group and Trout River Environmental Committee (TREC) staff to carry out two BioBlitz events in July. As many as twenty people at one time took part this year.

BioBlitz participants first delineated a designated area and within those boundaries they recorded every possible naturally growing organism including trees, plants, mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, insects, butterflies, and anything else that grows or moves.

The purpose of the events—one held at the Westmoreland River Nature Park in Crapaud and the other at Noonan’s Shore wetlands in Borden-Carleton—was to create as complete a record as possible of species present. Future such recording events will be compared to previous records to note species that are doing well or are in decline. Watershed restoration work can then be geared towards safeguarding and enhancing wildlife habitat to ensure the survival of all.

At Westmoreland River Nature Park, 435 observations were taken and 153 species identified. Fishing nets and kayaks were also used to include Stordy’s Pond, an integral part of the Park. At Noonan’s Shore wetlands, 650 observations were taken and 196 species identified.