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Talking from Experiences by Ashleigh Tremere

Drink from Drifters Tiki Bar
Photo by Ashleigh Tremere

This is somewhat of a departure from my usual write and tell. Normally, I check the place or activity out and then tell you about the experience. Well, this time, I’m taking a very informed leap of faith on a cool new place coming to the Montague marina: Drifters Tiki Bar. 

I grew up down East, and let me tell you, Montague and the Three Rivers area in general have gotten a whole lot cooler in the last decade or so. The addition of this floating oasis, envisioned by Matt Duffy, Erin Lundrigan, and Stan Davis, is definitely going to be on your summer stop-and-see list. 

If I sound a bit biased, well, I am, but with years of solid reasoning to back it up. All three of these individuals have been long time friends and some of the best hosts at all kinds of occasions I’ve attended. 

They love whipping up something delicious to share with whoever is stopping through. Matt and Erin have been setting up tiki bars for fun for as long as I can remember. On beach campouts, backyard get-togethers and on their own back deck, you’d be treated to one of their delicious concoctions and chill Island vibes. 

So blending that love of meeting new people and hosting into a business just made sense. 

Beginning in mid June, you’ll be able to wander down to the beautiful Montague marina and follow the melodic bass sounds of reggae over to Drifters Tiki Bar, where you can treat yourself to their homemade traditional Caribbean rum punch and alternating frozen cocktails. I got a little taste test about a week ago and it was like summer in my mouth. Honestly, I could go for one right now. 

If you happen to live a little farther afoot than a walk away, don’t worry; they won’t be leaving your sober driver out of the good times. All their cocktails can be made non-alcoholic in a snap. They’ll also be slinging local brews and wine. 

While chips, salsa, and guacamole are always on the menu, another piece of insider knowledge is that there’ll be pop-up mussel and oyster bar evenings throughout the season as well. You can stop by anytime from noon till the sun sets. Like most of the Island, they’ll be operating till the weather gets too cold. Let’s hope for a long, hot Island summer!

I can picture them now, Hawaiian shirts donned, swaying under the shady canopy, music in rhythm with the gentle currents of the Montague River. 

While lots may have changed, the beauty of that space has always been a constant. Even when the only place to hang out by the river was the old train turntable, where as kids we’d sit on opposite sides, whisper to each other, and laugh at how the sound traveled. I’m looking forward to the elevation in casual riverside seating. 

I’ll definitely be sneaking in a few child-free visits for a sit and a few sips.