Somewhat Absurd, Somehow Existential by JJ Steinfeld

Somewhat Absurd, Somehow Existential

by J.J. Steinfeld

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Fiction writer, playwright and poet J. J. Steinfeld’s twenty-second book Somewhat Absurd, Somehow Existential has been published by Guernica Editions (Toronto).

Steinfeld’s work continues to not only orbit a multitude of realities and multi-faceted worlds, but to interrogate various aspects of being, whether they appear as the worldly or the otherworldly, the ordinary or the extraordinary, the physical or the spiritual.

“Steinfeld brings intellectual naughtiness and wry rigour to his seriously playful philosophical questioning in Somewhat Absurd, Somehow Existential. These are pieces that probe magic and mystery, faith and fancy, heaven, immortality, God and metaphoric hope alongside death sentences and ‘Existential Texting,’ in language that is unafraid of its own bounty and imaginative edge,” says Elana Wolff, author of Swoon, winner of the 2020 Canadian Jewish Literary Award for Poetry.

Steinfeld has published two novels, 13 short story collections and seven poetry collections.

The cover of Somewhat Absurd, Somehow Existential features a panel of the triptych painting Encroachment by Island artist Brenda Whiteway.