Sirène & Matelot

Sirène & Matelot

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Lennie Gallant and Patricia Richard, two Acadian artists from Prince Edward Island who form the duo Sirène & Matelot, have released their debut album on Moncton’s label Le Grenier musique. It is available through Distribution Plages/Propagande distribution network (

Sirène & Matelot has 10 songs. The lyrics and music were written by Gallant and Richard. The production, recording, and mixing are the work of Davy Gallant of Dogger Pond Studio in Drummondville, QC (6 songs), Lennie Gallant and Rémi Arsenault in Mont-Carmel, PEI (3 songs), and Lennie Gallant and Daniel Ledwell in Lake Echo, NS (1 song). Musicians playing on the album are: Benoit Clément (drum), Gilles Tessier (electric guitar), Rémi Arsenault (bass), Elmer Ferrer (electric guitar), Danny Bourgeois (drum), Pascal Miousse (fiddle) and Marcella Richard (chorus). The group’s pianist, Jeremy Gallant, also contributed to the recording.

The first song, “Sirène et Matelot,” is already charting. “Enweille,” a festive song to mark the summer of the World Acadian Congress 2019 celebrates life in a fast paced world. The artists performed this new release during the World Acadian Congress 2019. There is one English song on the album: the final bonus track entitled “Acadian Girl.”

Lennie Gallant and Patricia Richard have forged successful careers individually. With Sirène & Matelot, they want to explore songwriting that reflects not only their roots and influences but also their concerns about the current state of the world. “Sirène et Matelot explores the yearning and desire to escape, to breathe and to make a connection with ourselves, nature, mythology, and the planet-universe itself, in the search for what can inspire us to live fully,” they explain.

Patricia Richard is originally from Mont-Carmel, PEI. She has performed in many musical acts such as the band Panou and the musical “Ode à l’Acadie,” and released two albums. She has performed on stages, festivals and television shows, accompanying her sister Marcella Richard and her aunt Angèle Arsenault. More recently, she played in Lennie Gallant’s musical “Searching for Abegweit.”

Lennie Gallant was born in Rustico, PEI and is recognized as one of Canada’s leading songwriters and performers. He has won many awards, was named to the Order of Canada and most recently, his song “Peter’s Dream” was inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame. Lennie has shared the stage with artists such as Jimmy Buffett, Lucinda Williams, Daniel Lanois, Chris Isaak, and several symphony orchestras. He has released 12 solo albums, including two in French, has performed internationally, and had one of his albums taken up to the International Space Station.