Single release: The Rain

By Calm Baretta

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Calm Baretta released their single “The Rain” on November 13. Collaborating with Adam Warren of waants and Glory, Glory, and Nigel Haan of Deafpop, Calm Baretta treated their fans to a couple of remixes of “The Rain” as well.
“The Rain” was recorded and mixed by Adam Gallant from the Hill Sound Studio in Charlottetown and the song was mastered by Rob Kliener out of Los Angeles, California. Cover art by Calm Baretta and Issara Willen. Collaborator Adam Warren took full reign with the waants remix.
Calm Baretta is a Charlottetown based alternative indie rock band featuring Laura Oakie (keys, synths, vocals), Josh Carter (lead vocals, guitars), Nigel Haan (bass, vocals), and Matt Bridges (drums).
Listen to three versions of “The Rain” at

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