Kay Em–The End of the Road

Single release: The End of the Road

by Kay Em

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Emerging PEI rapper Kay Em released his latest single, “The End of the Road,” on all digital streaming platforms June 25. The single is part of the artist’s two-song EP, Ascension, and features Maritime rappers Fiifi Three, Radley, Slime Da Garbage Mane and 2BIAS.

“The song is made to give the listener a feeling of accomplishment and dignity. The beat, made by YouTube producer Nayz, contains saxophones, horns, strings and Rhodes mixed with snappy drums to deliver a hard hitting, emotional sound. Each verse is filled with charisma and confidence, proving their place in the genre,” says Kay Em.

Stream “The End of the Road” on SoundCloud. For more information, follow on Spotify and @kayemreal on Instagram.