Single release: Saturday is Seven (remix)

Braden Lam & Good Neighbour

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Braden Lam and producer Colin Buchanan (Good Neighbour) have re-imagined the lead single ”Saturday Is Seven” from Lam’s EP Inside Four Walls.

The ”Saturday Is Seven” Good Neighbour remix strikes a balance between a song you could chill out to after a long day at work or get lost to on the living room dance floor.

“As humans, we tend to get so caught up in the 9–5 work week that we only live for the weekends. We numb ourselves to the present,” says Lam. “I hope this song sets you free. It’s a reminder to take a deep breath, put away your distractions, and connect with how you feel in this very moment.”

The single is the first in a series of releases leading up to the deluxe version of Inside Four Walls coming this March.

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