Single release: Return Me

Justyn Thyme

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Fresh off his first release “Never Be Lonely,” Justyn Thyme hit the ground running—in his sandals—with the February 19 release of “Return Me.”

“Return Me” contemplates what it means to be human and reflects on the winding journey toward authentic self expression. The lyrics allude to themes of nature, ancestry and a search for identity.

Island-born and well-travelled, Thyme is a singer and songwriter who distills his experiences of the world around him into songs that resonate with lessons learned. Possessing a distinct guitar style, smooth vocals and uplifting lyrics, Thyme immerses his listeners in music that feels like an old friend.

Thyme has been around the PEI music scene for several years as a supporting and session musician for Island artists such as Lennie Gallant, Lawrence Maxwell and Jenni & The Hummingbird.

“Return Me” was recorded at The Hill Sound Studio in Charlottetown with engineer Logan Richard. The track features Nick Doneff (drums), Logan Richard (bass), Ben Aitken (keys), and Brielle Ansems (backing vocals). The cover art was created by Aidan Searle.

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