Layne Greene – Prospects

Single release: Prospects

By Layne Greene

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Singer-songwriter Layne Greene will release his new single,“Prospects,” on June 10. The song marks the first of several singles the artist plans to release in 2021.

Greene recently moved from Ontario to Kelvin Grove, PEI, where he has spent most of the pandemic working on new music and getting his small home studio up and running. “Prospects” is the first song to come out of this endeavour.

“For an extra level of fun I decided to try doing everything myself,” shares Greene. “I’ve never played drums or bass before, so it was interesting figuring out both how to write parts [simple though the parts may be], and working on recording something other than guitars and vocals. I feel like working with Dale [Murray] on the last two records was super helpful in changing the way I always saw music production, and kind of got me started in a different direction than I would normally take when just picking away at demos.”

Listen to “Prospects” June 10 on Soundcloud or Spotify. Follow @layne_greene on Instagram or email for more information.