Shane Pendergast

Single release: It Slips Away

Shane Pendergast

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Shane Pendergast releases his new single and music video for “It Slips Away’ in anticipation for his upcoming sophomore album ‘Second Wind.’ The record will be released on March 5th 2021 and follows Shane’s vastly successful debut album, ‘Place to the Name’ which dropped in Spring 2020 and recently earned him two Music PEI nominations.

Describing the inspiration behind his newest single, Shane says, “Nothing in life disappears without a trace, even if we wish it would. There are always remnants of the past when things (or people) slip away from us. I was writing this song while driving down an old dirt road on PEI. The line ‘I saw a New Idea, it was rusting in the rain’ came from an old piece of farm equipment that I saw laying beside the road. It was obviously from a distant time and was rusting away. Ironically, the words NEW IDEA were painted on it. That carried many meanings.”

‘It Slips Away’ was funded by Music PEI’s Golden Ticket Program and was recorded live at Crabbe Road Studio in PEI. It was produced by Andrew Murray, engineered by Sergey Varlamov and mixed by Aaron Comeau. 

“Shortly after the track was recorded,” Shane explains, “I received the word that a close friend of mine passed away. The song is about loss, so it took on an added meaning. The music video was shot in late February of 2020 on a Bolex film camera. The footage is from a show I played at Toronto’s TRANZAC Main Hall. That was the last night that I saw my friend Alex. I find it surreal to look back at the footage of him, not to mention the big crowd that was gathered. Nobody knew that the world would slip away a few weeks later with the COVID-19 lockdown.”

‘It Slips Away’ is now available for listening on all streaming platforms and the music video can be found on YouTube and Facebook. 

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