Single release: Cross My Heart and News

Joce Reyome

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Joce Reyome’s debut single, “​Cross My Heart​” was released February 19 and will soon be followed up with ​“News​,” set to be released March 20.

Reyome has been captivating audiences with their dynamic stage performances throughout Eastern Canada—where they now call home—honing their skills performing alongside artists such as Irish Mythen, KINLEY, Andrew Waite and Dylan Menzie. It’s now time for Reyome to step out on their own.

“Cross My Heart” was produced by singer, songwriter and producer Erin Costelo, and recorded with Colin Buchanan at The Hill Sound Studio in Charlottetown. The single drips of classic R&B and Blues, showcasing Reyome’s vocal prowess, while production alludes to that of Alabama Shakes or modern Mavis Staples.

“I’ve had a blast exploring a new, blues driven sound,” shares Reyome.

​Their second single, “News,” was commissioned by CBC Radio’s Story And The Song project. Also recorded at Hillsound Studio, this single​ features a raw, emotional sound with poetic lyrics reminiscent of the times we live in.

While “Cross My Heart” is danceable and upbeat with relatable lyrics, ​“News​” showcases Reyome’s thoughtful and thought-provoking artistry.

“I was first inspired while travelling to New Orleans in 2020,” they say, “It feels incredible to have a newfound connection with a whole genre of music.”

Reyome will perform live at the Trailside Music Hall in Charlottetown on April 7 for their first full band show.

You can now stream ​“Cross My Heart” ​on Spotify, Bandcamp and Soundcloud. ​“News” w​ill be available for streaming on March 20.

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