Siver Fox by Margaret Westlie

Silver Fox

by Margaret Westlie

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Margaret Westlie recently published Silver Fox, the fifth novel in her Partners Paranormal series.

Silver Fox takes the reader to an old farmhouse in PEI with ties to the silver fox trade and bootlegging. Jane Martin inherited her grandmother’s house and strange apparitions have her wondering who is haunting it—one ghost or several? Did her grandfather have a still? Where is it? And why is the attic door locked? Ian, her old friend and new neighbour, is on hand to help but solving this mystery will call for Gertrude and her team of ghost hunters. And what does the mystery have to do with a silver fox coat?

Westlie is the author of ten novels, three collections of poetry and essays, and most recently a children’s picture book. She is a native of Halifax with close family ties to PEI, where her family immigrated from the Isle of Skye, Scotland, in 1803.

Silver Fox is available locally at Bookmark and Indigo in Charlottetown, Coles in Summerside, and it can also be ordered online in paperback and e-pub editions.