Silly Robbie’s World on TV

New show to air on Eastlink TV—beginning Oct 24

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Charlottetown’s Robbie Doherty’s latest project is coming to fruition this fall when his new TV show will air on Eastlink Community Television beginning October 24. The show builds on his live Silly Robbie music shows that focus on helping children to love themselves and respect others.

Silly Robbie’s World will air on Saturday mornings across Atlantic Canada. Each half-hour episode features Silly Robbie, his puppet friends Lucky and Eddie, and special guests. Together, they act as positive role models who help children understand that anything is possible when they love themselves and help each other.

Silly Robbie is a fun loving character with a huge imagination who often dreams so big that he fails to achieve his goals. Lucky is a little girl who is calculating, reserved and always by his side. His voice of reason, Lucky helps Silly Robbie to learn from his mistakes and prevent them from happening again. Eddie is a very smart boy who has social anxiety and needs a lot of help from his friends to deal with life’s simple challenges.

Each episode takes a heartfelt, fun-filled look at life while helping children learn that happiness does not come from how you look on the outside or how popular you are on social media—but from accepting yourself just for who you are.

The show is totally homegrown on PEI by seven creative friends.

“We do everything ourselves—whether that’s creating and recording the music, developing the characters or producing the show,” Robbie said. “Using digital animation and green screen technology, the visual presentation is as good as you’ll see anywhere.”

Robbie’s hope for parents of children watching the show is that for one half hour every Saturday morning, their children will enjoy Silly Robbie’s fast paced adventures while receiving some very positive messages that strengthen their self-esteem.

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