She Was His Angel


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Mima recently published her 13th book (9th in the Hernandez series) titled, She Was His Angel.

Jorge Hernandez, a former Mexican narco transitions into Canadian life with family, politics, and business while holding to his ruthless, criminal ways.  The power-hungry CEO of Our House of Pot decides to take down the pharmaceutical industry in one powerful swoop. The man once known as Mexican cartel leader El Diablo isn’t satisfied controlling the monopoly in the Canadian marijuana industry but wants to make Big Pharma squirm under his thumb. He uses his political influence to cripple his nemesis while simultaneously backing the incriminating docuseries Eat the Rich Before the Rich Eat You.

Jorge enlists the help of his “angel,” wife and former assassin Paige Hernandez, one of the most dangerous women in the world. When an unexpected adversary forces her hand in a no-win situation, Paige is left to decide who will live and who will die.

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