She Rules by Sarah Roach Lewis

She Rules: What You Didn’t Know Is Holding You Back in Business

Sara Roach Lewis

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Sara Roach Lewis recently released her first book, She Rules: What You Didn’t Know Is Holding You Back in Business.

How does a women succeed in a world where the rules of business were written by men? They make their own rules, of course.

In She Rules, Sara rewrites the rules for women in business, sharing her strategies for exponential business growth, achieving laser-focus while moving through resistance, rebranding self-care as an important business practice, and how to turn imposter syndrome into seven-figure confidence.

Sara teaches ambitious women the strategies they need to claim their confidence, scale their businesses, and double their revenues. With decades of experience as a feminist business strategist, Sara has supported thousands of women to shed society’s expectations and create new pathways for success.

As CEO of SRL Solutions and creator of the 7-Figure Confidence Program, Sara is on a mission to help ambitious women build scalable businesses that support their busy lives.