Sequoia music video

Lennie Gallant films video amongst the elders in California

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Lennie Gallant has released a new video for his song “Sequoia” from his album Time Travel.

“Sequoia” is a celebration of strength and renewal in nature and also a plea to the world to be more in touch with the enduring spirit of these great elders in fragile forests. Sequoia trees can grow to be 3000 years old and over 300 feet tall. Their bark is so thick they can survive lightning strikes and forest fires. They are also extremely efficient at removing carbon emissions from the atmosphere.

Lennie and partner Patricia Richard recently travelled to the Sequoia national forest in California to film the music video among these great elders of the planet. The video was released internationally August 26, on the heels of the recently released single.

When asked about filming the video for the song, Gallant said “Being among these trees, you could sense a profound connection to the planet. It was quite magical and the experience was such that you felt that if you listened hard enough, you might learn something about time itself and why we are here.

“Nothing quite prepared me for singing that song among the Sequoia trees at sunrise with only us and our videographer present. It was a very humbling and emotional experience.”

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