Seeking artist input

The Friends of the Guild host survey for artists

With so much discussion taking place about the future of The Guild, the arts hub on the corner of Queen and Richmond Streets in Charlottetown, a group of invested artists has joined to form The Friends of The Guild.

“Our aim is to support and secure The Guild’s future and to act as a collective voice for artists,” says Norah Pendergast, a visual artist and teacher in the public school system. “We realized that what was missing from the structure of The Guild as it currently stands is the input of artists, the people for whom this building was intended.”

To achieve their initial goals, The Friends of The Guild have created a Facebook group that will host a short survey asking artists how The Friends can best bring their voices to The Guild. The survey will also be shared on other social media platforms. 

“It’s only our first baby steps, but we know that giving artists a say in how arts centres are run is crucial,” says Dave Stewart, an Island writer and copywriter. 

In the meantime, artists can email if they are interested in joining The Friends.

“Since it came into being in 1994, The Guild has created a truly amazing legacy of performance and visual arts,” adds Pendergast. “We aim to see that continue well into the future.” 

She adds, “The challenges facing the arts and culture sector will continue, and our group is focused on supporting stewardship of The Guild as an asset over the long term.”

To fill out the survey and for more information, follow @ The Friends of The Guild on FB. Artists are asked to submit their responses by February 14 at midnight.