Photograph by Thomas O’Grady of Island bands that inspired his poem, “Seeing Red.”

Seeing Red

Thomas O'Grady

A gift of Island poetry | curated by Deirdre Kessler

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Blizzard-bound, snowed
under, walled-in … swallowed
by a whirling world

of white, a mapless maze
of shifting waist-deep drifts,
he wades and wallows.

His hedgerows bent—
though not like ours,
beneath the weight of war

and sorrow … once more
the winter of our discontent—
he looks ahead as if

to greener pastures.
Hapless cattle lowing
to be fed, he holds his course,

led—as we are too—
by the heartening blaze
of red that frames the doors,

the eaves, the corner trim
of every outlying
Island barn and shed.

—Thomas O’Grady, Delivering the News, McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2019.

Bookmark welcomes everyone to the launch of Delivering the News, Dr. O’Grady’s new poetry collection, on May 15, 7 pm, at Confederation Centre Art Gallery, Charlottetown.

Deirdre Kessler selects a poem a month by an Island poet for The Buzz.

A Gift of Island PoetryDeirdre KesslerThomas O'Grady