Secret songs series

Exploring the stories behind six PEI songs

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Secret Songs is a new series exploring the stories behind six Prince Edward Island songs.

Created by PEI’s Confound Films, Secret Songs features Dylan Menzie, Meaghan Blanchard, Logan Richard, Vishtèn, Kierrah and Tara MacLean. The production team includes Joel MacDonald (director), Kyle Simpson (director of photography), Nathan Sizemore (producer), and Donald Richard (sound mixer).

Each of the six episodes takes the viewer on a journey into the lives of a different Island songwriter, introducing the people, food and places they love. From beaches to kitchen parties, in cottages and forest clearings, the Island is bursting with stories told through song. Secret Songs shares how those songs came to be and the food, relationships, natural beauty and art that inspired them.

Dylan Menzie visits his favourite place and the people who truly make him feel at home.

Kierrah is separated from her family but grows closer to her collaborators through the process.

Meaghan Blanchard navigates motherhood as a songwriter on a farm on PEI.

Logan Richard shares his new perspective on taking advantage of every moment in life.

Vishtèn relive the kitchen parties of their youth and explore their musical growth.

Tara MacLean revisits her childhood home and reflects on how love conquers loss.

Confound Films was founded in Charlottetown in 2015 and has produced a wide range of commercial and narrative projects in the years since, both on the Island and through their second location in Toronto. Islanders  may have seen some of their work at the drive-in, in a museum, or most-likely on their phone.

Secret Songs began streaming on Bell Fibe TV1’s platform in January and will be made available to non-subscribers later this year.