New summer beers from Upstreet and PEI Brewing Company [photo: Bryan Carver]

Seasonal suds

The Brew | by Bryan Carver

Local brewers create new products for warmer days

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As the weather warms and we move toward the summer of 2021, our local brewers are looking to brew up new brands of beer that aim to capture the essence of the season. The two largest beer producers on PEI have both lined up new beers they hope will capture the splendour of summer on Prince Edward Island.

First up, PEI Brewing has a new brand positioned as a guiding light to beer drinkers. Beacon Blonde Ale is an easy drinking ale that aims to bridge the gap between refreshing lagers and ales with a bit more complexity. Pale blonde in colour, with low bitterness and a refreshing finish, Beacon hits all the marks of a summertime beer.

Typically, blonde ales are fairly bountiful in other beer markets, but on the Island the only other readily available blonde ale would be Copper Bottom’s Centennial Stock Blonde Ale, which was one of the initial offerings from Montague’s first brewery. Next time you visit a PEI Liquor Store, grab a can of each to see which Blonde Ale provides the refreshment you need for grilling in the sun or to slack your thirst after a walk on the beach. Beacon Blonde Ale is available in four packs of 355ml cans and Centennial Stock Blonde Ale in 473ml single cans.

The next new offering you will see this summer is Upstreet Craft Brewing’s Cavalier Light Premium Lager. It will be available across PEI. Looking to find space as a local option in the larger Light Lager category traditionally dominated by brewing giants like Coors and Budweiser, Upstreet created a 4% lager that has 90 calories and 3 grams of carbohydrates per can. Sold in stylish 12 packs of 355ml cans, Cavalier will face stiff competition against the seasoned and established Light Lager giants. Grab a pack of Cavalier at your local PEI Liquor Store or try a pint in Charlottetown at Upstreet’s Allen Street taproom or at Craft Beer Corner downtown.

The only other time a local brewery has entered into this beer category was when PEI Brewing Company launched Rix Light Craft Lager in 2018—named after Billy Rix, founder of Island Brewing Company and brewers of Red Rock in the mid 1980’s.

Be sure to check out the options local brewers have available. There will certainly be more new beers offered through the summer. Judging by the strong start this year, Islanders will certainly have a great selection of locally produced beer available to be enjoyed in the warm Island sun.

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