Séance reenactment

Explore the spiritualism of the Victorian era in October

This Halloween season, step into the world of Victorian-era spiritualism at Beaconsfield Historic House in Charlottetown. From October 5–28, visitors can participate in a reenactment of a 19th-century séance and explore what spirits may lurk within the walls of Beaconsfield.

 Each Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening, visitors will participate in a meticulously-crafted reenactment of a Victorian-era séance, presented by a team of museum interpreters and performers. Guests will experience the beguiling tricks and illusions that awed audiences of the 19th century. After the reenactment, delve into the historical significance of these séances during an interactive talk-back session. Explore the impact of spiritualist events on Victorian society and gain insights into the methods and artistry that underpinned these mesmerizing performances.

This event is a participatory theatrical program and no actual spirits will be summoned. Attendees are encouraged to embrace the experience for its historical and entertainment value, and to savor the thrill of a unique journey into the past.

Tickets (ages 14+) are available at visiting peimuseum.ca or call 368-6602.