Sable Island Gold

By John Wonnacott

Sable Island Gold by John Wonnacott was released in April.

Hundreds of ships have wrecked on Sable Island and its treacherous sand bars over the past four hundred years. L’Africaine was a real ship that wrecked on Sable Island, and actually carried 10 tons of gold, crates of silver and bushels of emeralds. 

Sable Island Gold features Brian and Maria, fictional characters who start with nothing but some clever ideas for salvaging the treasure. Brian is a Maritimer who was born on PEI and is recovering from a broken marriage. Maria is a teacher who wants to help her people back home in Guatemala. They fall in love, have many exciting adventures and chase their dreams with unexpected results. 

The story has elements of romance, treasure hunting, international espionage, and local/Central American history. Suitable for readers of all ages, Sable Island Gold is available at Amazon worldwide and selected bookstores.

Wonnacott was born and raised on Prince Edward Island.