Artwork by Monica Lacey (Rooted in Art 2020) on city tree #3444 (ulmus americana)

Rooted in Art

Art installations inspired by Charlottetown’s urban forest

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The Rooted in Art—Trees Through Artists’ Eyes exhibit will be on display in Charlottetown from September 11–25. Enjoy a self-guided tour of art installations inspired by Charlottetown’s urban forest.

Rooted in Art is a tree appreciation initiative intended to celebrate the importance and beauty of Charlottetown’s urban forest. To celebrate trees and all they offer, Rooted in Art has matched local artists with trees in Charlottetown. Each artist will create an art installation on or around one of the selected trees. These artworks, which will be installed for two weeks in September, are intended to engage the community with nature in a new way and reflect the importance of the urban forest. Each installation will be accompanied by signage that educates viewers about the tree in question and highlights the artist involved.

More details, including a map, are available at