Revenue streams for musicians

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IGNITE Your Music Career, a new subscription-based, on-demand service is available for musicians and songwriters of all genres who are interested in increasing their sources of revenue. The service provides them with the information they need to license their music for film, TV, video games, and commercials.

“With so many musicians sidelined by the pandemic, this is an excellent time for them to start expanding their revenue sources,” says Craig Dodge, founder and co-owner of IGNITE Your Music Career and Taris Studios, located in PEI.

“It doesn’t take a lot of expensive gear to get into the business, a computer and few pieces of free software will get you started. Some students write and record on their phones.”

Each week a new video lesson, activities related to that week’s subject, and royalty-free sound packs are made available for creators to use in their own projects. Lessons are available all of the time, so subscribers can learn at their own pace.

Dodge has composed music for 27 films and over 1000 episodes of more than 150 television shows, and has provided music and sound design for 45 video games, all from his home studio in PEI.