Ben Caplan in Old Stock [Stoo Metz Photography]

Refugee love story

Ben Caplan stars in Hannah Moscovitch’s witty, dark folk tale

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Making its Island premiere this summer is the internationally-acclaimed, OLD STOCK: A Refugee Love Story, presented by Nova Scotia’s 2b Theatre Company. Opening August 12 at Confederation Centre of the Arts in Charlottetown, this life-affirming musical tells the true story of two Romanian refugees meeting at Halifax’s Pier 21, as they await entry into Canada.

OLD STOCK is a humorously dark folk tale woven together with a high-energy concert. Wild, witty and inventive, this fusion of concert and drama tells the true tale of two Jewish refugees from Romania. They meet in 1908, while awaiting medical inspection at Halifax’s Pier 21 immigration centre; the story moves forward to their lives as a couple in Montreal and backward to the horrors of the Continent.

Starring Ben Caplan, the music-theatre hybrid explores how to love and find a shared humanity after facing the horrors of war. It’s about refugees who get out before it’s too late, and those who get out after it’s too late. OLD STOCK’s rousing music blends Yiddish Klezmer with modern folk stylings, creating a wistful and energetic tone.

OLD STOCK is written by Hannah Moscovitch and directed by Christian Barry with songs by Ben Caplan and Christian Barry.

On August 26, a special relaxed performance will be offered. A relaxed performance is a specific performance night where the show is adapted to better suit people who might require a more relaxed sensory experience and environment when attending the theatre.

OLD STOCK plays seven times weekly on the Mainstage until September 6.