Red: The Island Storybook, Vol. 28

RED: The Island Storybook, Vol. 28

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RED editors commiserate, “How do you do REDheads? Back a little stiff from all the shoveling?” They can not wait to roll in the grass, to kiss the crocuses, lounge with lilacs, dance a tango with the tulips, luxuriate with the lupins—they’re starting to feel some spring excitement in spite of being stuck under fourteen feet of snow. So, to help get through the winter homestretch the team at RED has assembled another volume of RED: The Island Storybook, number 28. 

As usual, Island storytellers delivered, holding forth in fine form, filling up another sixty-four pages of RED and the editors are proud to present their stories. “We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed putting them together. Stay safe and cozy REDheads, spring is just around the corner . . . snow should be gone by mid-July!”