Reason to Believe

Zimbabwe’s Black Umfolosi collaborate with Bob Jensen

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Zimbabwe’s Black Umfolosi released Reason to Believe, Songs from the Poetry of Bob Jensen in May. The album consists entirely of songs that the group has written using the poetry of Stratford, PEI, singer-songwriter and poet, Bob Jensen.

The idea for the album came together three years ago, when Jensen, who has known and worked with the group for some 20 years, sent them a poem, asking if they would be interested in setting it to music. They did so with great enthusiasm, and Jensen was very impressed with the results. “I felt like Paul Simon when I got the MP3,” says Jensen. Over a period of months, more poems were set to music by the group, and a decision was made at last, to release a full album of Jensen’s poetry.

The album has nine songs, as well as several spoken word poems. Black Umfolosi has already been performing the material in Africa and abroad, and have remarked that the feedback to has been very strong. They will tour the new material in Canada in 2022.

Black Umfolosi is one of Africa’s greatest vocal groups, having toured on five continents over more than thirty years, sharing their African culture and heritage with the world through a cappella, music, storytelling and dance.

Reason to Believe, Songs from the Poetry of Bob Jensen is available for purchase at and

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