Photo from “Fight for Change” series by photographer Oneil Kuku, purchased for the Provincial Art Bank.

Provincial Art Bank

Eight pieces by Island artists selected for purchase

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Artist Oneil Kuku’s work was one of eight pieces selected for purchase by a peer-review jury out of 136 submissions for the Provincial Art Bank.

“It is a great honour and privilege to have my work selected for collection and display in the art bank,” said Kuku. “In a time where motivation is waning, this provides inspiration to continue chasing greatness through creativity and art. I am humbled to be among those selected and I am eager to continue capturing the beauty that is Prince Edward Island.”

The art bank acquires, loans out and displays works by professional Island artists for public spaces.

The recent art bank purchases include work by artists Donnalee Downe, Oneil Kuku, JoDee Samuelson, Kirstie MacCallum, Melissa Peter Paul, Niyi Adeogun, Norma Jean MacLean and Patricia Bourque.

The Provincial Art Bank was established in 1979 as a working collection to encourage the celebration of, and public interaction with, PEI’s artistic excellence. There are now 269 pieces in the collection, which are displayed in reception and high-traffic areas of public buildings and are also available for educational use.

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