Kinley Dowling

KINLEY is a skilled and sought-after collaborator at her core, sharing countless stages and recording credits with some of Canada’s best-known artists since her teens. Now, PEI indie pop powerhouse KINLEY has adapted that approach into her solo work – and is delivering the most compelling material of her decorated career as a result.

Daylight, her third full-length release, is something of a masterclass in musical dynamism, drawing obvious influence from past projects but with a newfound energy and earnestness. As for where those fresh components come from, put simply, KINLEY isn’t afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve.

“Songwriting is an important outlet, almost like a form of therapy for me,” she shares candidly. “It really feels like I’m writing in my diary, but it comes with rhymes and melodies. And I guess now, another difference is I don’t care if I don’t come across as the cool kid.”

Admittedly, a global pandemic offered plenty of emotional fodder for the album – especially since, for KINLEY, it was laced with a breakup; a sometimes comical, others tragic dip into the dating scene; and ultimately, a new romance. As such, the spectrum of themes covered is wide and diverse, but what’s more, the same can be said for the soundtrack that anchor it and its list of contributors.

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