Professor Schwarz

(eminent judge of poetry contests)

imagine a poem
in which there is
no funny or sad
this is not that poem

imagine a poem
in which bear
goes over the river
to see what he can see

and there you are
professor schwarz
biting your knuckles to judge
this beast
stinky hungry friendless
abandoned in your forest
of metaphors     so

do these words embarrass
your great arrogant wit
do they dull your scalpel
mr schwarz?

this is the way we scrub
the floor
so early wednesday morning     am i
professor?     perhaps
you will swallow
I don’t know why
a horse

–John Flood. No Longer North. Black Moss Press, 1987. John Flood will emcee Poets & Pints on April 9, a Poetry Month event hosted by Bookmark at Pilot House Queue, Charlottetown, at 7 pm. There is no admission charged and are all welcome.

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