Plum Duff by Victoria Goddard

Plum Duff

Victoria Goddard

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In the fantasy novel Plum Duff, the sixth in the Greenwing and Dart series, PEI author Victoria Goddard continues to build her collection of interwoven series and standalone fantasy stories. Tales of friendship, fealty, adventure, and occasionally good government, are written for those who like a little philosophy with their swashbuckling, but care for characters most of all.

Magic is out of fashion. Except, obviously, at Winterturn. Winterturn in Ragnor Bella is a holiday for family, feasting, and a few religious festivities. Jemis Greenwing and Mr. Dart are both quite ready for a quiet week or two after their adventures going to and coming home from Orio City. Jemis in particular is looking forward to the first Winterturn spent with his father since he was a child. Then the fairy fox shows up. Wild magic. Family secrets. Gifts from unknown admirers. Sainthood. And that’s before the pageant.

Plum Duff is available at Bookmark in Charlottetown. Both print and e-book versions are also available from Amazon, Apple, and Kobo.