Pivot Point

Bren Simmers

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Local author Bren Simmers will launch her new book Pivot Point on November 15 at the Beaconsfield Carriage House in Charlottetown. Doors will open at 7 pm, and Simmers will give a short reading at 7:30 pm. Following will be a concert by Adam Hill, who releases his new album that evening.

Pivot Point is a lyrical work of creative non-fiction about a group of women who, along with their partners, take a week-long wilderness canoe trip in British Columbia’s Bowron Lakes Provincial Park. Confronted by situations that challenge their comfort levels physically and psychologically, the characters are shaped by the experience both as a group and as individuals. A tribute to the changing nature of friendship and the importance of wild spaces, the book reflects on the pivotal moments that forever change our perspective and our trajectory.

Since Simmers is primarily a poet, she began this manuscript as a long poem. In the midst of the process, however, it became evident to her that the story needed to be told through prose. The new form allowed her the freedom, she says, to instill the work with breath that reflects the vast spaces of the journey and a more conversational tone that gives life to the characters. Having not abandoned the compact poetic voice entirely though, each short section of the story is punctuated by a single poem. In this way, the book finds that central balancing point of any body in motion.

Published by Gaspereau Press, the book is generously decorated with illustrations by Halifax artist Emma FitzGerald. Simmers is also the author of two poetry collections, Hastings-Sunrise, which was a finalist for the City of Vancouver Book Award, and Night Gears. She calls Charlottetown home.