Piano Heist

Nico Rhodes and Patrick Courtin at Harbourfront—Nov 2

Nico Rhodes (left) and Patrick Courtin

Harbourfront Theatre will present Nico Rhodes and Patrick Courtin’s Piano Heist on November 2 at 7:30 pm. This pay-what-you-will performance will entertain all ages.

Lifelong friends and colleagues, Rhodes and Courtin, appalled by their realization that piano “just isn’t cool anymore,” set off on a quest to redeem the keyboard as “the greatest instrument of all time.” 

Armed with the music from some of the greatest composers, songwriters and performers of the past 400 years, the technology of the 21st century, and their virtual orchestra (Bob), the duo delivers everything from classical piano raptures to boogie woogie, and romantic piano ballads to 80s keyboard synth battles. Piano Heist is a mis of theatrical wonder, comedy, audience participation, heartfelt stories, a pinch of history, and musical madness.

Rhodes is one of the most in-demand young arranger/musical directors in Canada, with 40 stage musicals to his credit. He’s written 400 original compositions, four original musicals and arranged two symphonic pops concerts. He composes for stage, screen and media, collaborates with multiple choirs, plays with several jazz trios, and tours in a duo with his mother, chanteuse Joelle Rabu. 

Courtin is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, music director and teacher. He is classically trained at Royal Conservatory of Music. Courtin has music-directed theatre productions, played in recording sessions, created music for film and television, and toured extensively. He has played in professional ensembles in a variety of genres, from jazz and classical, to rock and funk. He has accompanyied silent film, opera singers, swing dancers and historical theatre productions. He also regularly leads his own ensembles, and has recorded two full-length albums.

This performance is an initiative from Harbourfront to help to make events accessible to everyone in the community. Audience members are invited to pay what they wish following the performance.