Over & Over

Presented by this town is small, Over & Over features recent works by artists Donnalee Downe and Ahmon Katz. The exhibition will be on view at Receiver Coffee on Victoria Row in Charlottetown until June 19.

The exhibition leverages collections of both mundane and treasured objects to explore how memory is performed when we revisit memorabilia. The works consider repetition, memory, time, touch and loss. Downe’s works include renderings of object and data collections amassed over decades and in a series of aluminium sculptures Katz casts a beloved mechanical camera again and again in a process designed to consider both the power and absence of touch.

Donnalee Downe is a multidisciplinary artist. Her practice seeks to trace habits, people, activity and evolving memory through research, ongoing futile documentation and archival processes. Downe completed her MFA at Cardiff School of Art and Design, UK in 2012. Her work is included in collections at Confederation Centre Art Gallery and the PEI Art Bank. 

Ahmon Katz is a sculptor who has been building public art on PEI for the past 25 years. He works with various metals and cement to create blown up versions of semi-realistic sculptures. He earned his BFA at Eckerd College in 1994.