By Teresa Doyle

Teresa Doyle released her latest album, OrraChan via Panda Digital on September 8.

OrraChan (Ora khan) is an obscure Gaelic word meaning rhymed prayer, charm or incantation. Teresa teamed up with producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist Oliver Schroer, and together they created a deeply restful, mystical and contemplative work of art.

The Irish Goddess Brigid, Mary Magdelene and the Virgin Mary have a strong presence in Celtic Spirituality. Like many ancient cultures, the Celts embrace the feminine in their relationship with the spirit world. These ancient Celtic songs are deeply emotive, evoking the passionate and tragic love of Mary for her child, and at times lighthearted recounting the power to turn water into beer. Teresa recreates these songs with layered vocals, ethereal lines inspired by Hildegard combined with deeper harmonies that reinforce one’s connection to the natural world; the heart of Celtic Spirituality. 

OrraChan features Doyle (vocals), Schroer (violin/ recorder/bells/Tibetan singing bowl/guitar), Bill Brennan (keyboard/vocals/bell/water bell), Rebecca Blair (Celtic harp), Corbin Keep (cello), David Woodhead (bass), and Irene Schroer (Caoineadh Mhuire). The album was produced, arranged and engineered by Schroer, mixed by Schroer and Andrew St. George, and mastered by St. George.